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Our partners


Perspektywy Women in Tech inspires, connects and supports women in computing, technology and science all over Poland and now, thanks to the partnership with Polish Professional Women also in Silicon Valley.


Pangian is the fastest-growing remote-work community around the world with members in 121 countries and 6 continents, where you can find the best curated and verified remote jobs at reputable companies.


Cafe Kind is an Expat Women networking group, who organizes monthly events around the Bay Area. They are specialized in story sharing, conversation circles, debates, workshops and training and most of all #investinkindness.


Equally is an HR and recruitment platform that helps organizations to diversify hiring and build an inclusive culture.


Polish Professional Women in the Netherlands is a platform uniting Polish female professionals and entrepreneurs living and working in the Netherlands.


Projektantki Sukcesu is a Polish Project focused on inspiring and motivating Women in creating their definition of "success" and achieving their goals. The core activity of Projektantki Sukcesu is providing professional training and empowering women in building their professional network.

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