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“A Day in the Life of...” is a series of virtual events featuring PPWSV members of diverse backgrounds working at reputable companies in Silicon Valley. Each event showcases a new keynote speaker who will share a unique story and professional growth experience in her field. It will provide an invaluable insight on what it’s like to spend a day in the presenter’s professional role.

This series is dedicated to professionals who are interested in developing a successful career in Silicon Valley. The goal is to share knowledge and experiences gained at the Valley’s most influential companies and build a professional network that provides opportunities to connect, share and support each other in further professional growth. 

In Silicon Valley we are surrounded by many fortune 500 companies and well known brands. However, the unique challenges and successes of Polish women are rarely shared. This series will fill that void and shed light on interesting professions in various fields, skill development and career growth perspectives for women in Silicon Valley.

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A Day in the Life of



Ewa Suliga, Facebook 


Thursday, 04/22/21

6:30 PM

Ewa Suliga is a Senior Leader of Technical Project Management Team at Facebook. Her team is supporting cross-functional projects across Facebook’s data centers globally and addresses the growing needs of Facebook’s Infrastructure. 


Ewa has over 16 years of experience in technical program management, leadership and software development and worked in various companies like Microsoft, Apple, HP and Facebook. 


Ewa was born and raised in Wroclaw, Poland and graduated in Computer Science and Business Management from Technical University of Wroclaw. Before moving to Silicon Valley in 2007, Ewa lived in France and Ireland for a couple of years where she completed her internships and graduated university.

Join our event to meet Ewa and find out what it’s like to work at Facebook.

Previous events in the series



with Joanna Negrete, McAfee

Our interview with Joanna Negrete informed us about the growing malware threats in mobile, Internet Of Things (IoT), and Office documents. She helped us understand the concept of machine learning and how she applies it in her data analysis of malware work. She trains new classifiers, researches new features, and decides if existing models are drifting or require retraining. She began her McAfee career with a part-time role performing content categorization of Polish websites. A few desks away, her colleagues were researching websites based on the security risk (phishing vs. spam). Her curiosity asking “how” things work soon led her to take college courses to learn HTML, network analysis, SQL, and Python.



with Paula Sieron, Bank of America

Our December interview with Paula Sieron helped us understand the core skills required for being successful as a relationship manager in the commercial banking industry. We learned about the differences in the three tiers of banking offered at Bank of America. Paula also elaborated on the team of specialists she works with in order to understand each client’s unique needs and deliver strategic financial guidance and solutions. She’s remade herself more than once, starting out as a graphic designer and now is a Vice President and Relationship Manager at Bank of America. To be successful in this role, her advice is to “Build your own tribe! Network, network, and network! Always follow up and respond to everybody!”



with Patrycja (Pat) Ratajewska, Wrike

At this second event in our series, we sat with Patrycja Ratajewska, a Senior Event Marketing Manager at Wrike in San Jose. She shared an overview of managing an event, but also explained how her corporate event marketer role differs from the partnering vendor-side role. Given that in COVID times physical events were canceled, she explained how companies have pivoted to virtual events and now focus on digital marketing, yet told us why she’s convinced physical events will make a return again. Unsurprisingly, she uses the work management platform Wrike as her main tech stack tool along with Slack, Zoom, and Google Drive. She also shared her advice for returning to the workforce after a bigger break.


A Day in the Life of SCRUM MASTER

with Joanna Lorincz, Workday

Launching our first event in the “A Day in the Life of...” series, we interviewed certified Scrum Master and the Co-Founder of PPWSV Joanna Lorincz! Joanna works as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer at Workday in Pleasanton, CA. We learned about what triggered Joanna to pursue working with the scrum framework, the skills she applies to do well in her role, what she values about the Workday environment, the structure of her day, software and tools to do the job, terms specific to the role, lessons learned, and a couple of best practices.

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