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Polish Professional Women of Silicon Valley Business Owners' Products & Services:


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Artistic Garden Designs (AGD)


Presented by our member:

Olga Stritar

Olga Stritar is a founder of Artistic Garden Designs (AGD), a landscape design company. AGD’s designs apply European and American learnings to California’s unique conditions, resulting in spaces that foster heartwarming family time, memorable entertaining, and a sense of well-being. AGD utilizes their expertise in geology, chemistry, biology, engineering, agriculture, and horticulture to create artistic spaces that are both functional and ultimately beautiful.

British Swim School of Brentwood-Antioch


Presented by our member:

Agnieszka Pradhan

Agnieszka Pradhan is the Franchise Owner of British Swim School of Brentwood-Antioch. We use gentle teaching methods and a survival-first approach to help people of all experience levels become safer, stronger swimmers. While our students recognize that swimming is a lifelong, lifesaving skill, we also make learning exciting through a structured program of songs, games, and fun! Book an indoor swim lesson at the 24 Hour Fitness Antioch Somersville Gym.

Edyta Wilk - REMAX Gold

Real Estate

Presented by our member:

Edyta Wilk

Edyta Wilk - National and World Acrogymnastics Champion, who’s hard work and dedication helped her to win multiple titles. Edyta took the same principals and applied them to her Real Estate Career. Discipline is no.1. Because of work ethic, efficiency and knowledge she earns her business and referrals. Clients come first and Edyta truly enjoys working with all types of clients.


El Caminito Restaurant


Presented by our member:

Gosia Rios

Gosia Rios is the owner and operating partner of El Caminito Restaurant. El Caminito’s origins began in the coastal city of Mazatlán, in the state of Sinaloa, México, where Gosia's husband Julian Rios was born and raised. Today, El Caminito has become a staple in the city of Sunnyvale, serving delicious, authentic Mexican cuisine. El Caminito has been delighting customers for over 30 years.

Grow Your Mindset


Presented by our member:

Magda Jaworowicz

Magda Jaworowicz, a communication PhD holder with over a decade in global tech corporations, serves as a mindset and performance coach. Her 'Grow Your Mindset' program utilizes a unique garden visualization technique in weekly coaching and daily mindset exercises, aiming to enhance personal and professional outcomes. The structured practice fosters self-awareness, improved self-management, and enhanced communication skills.
Whether in career or personal pursuits, she supports individuals in achieving positive change, breaking free from limiting beliefs, overcoming obstacles, and becoming their best selves.



Inga Bielinska coaching


Presented by our member:

Inga Bielinska

Inga Bielinska is a Master Certified Coach, team coach, business trainer, and coach supervisor with a global clientele. Her coaching style is often described by clients as motivational, passionate, and dynamic. Inga specializes in helping clients navigate organizational and individual changes, manage remote and culturally diverse teams, and enhance their communication skills. Additionally, she works with clients seeking to overcome challenges and conflicts, as well as those striving to transition from managerial to executive positions.

Iza Jastrzebowska coaching


Presented by our member:

Iza Jastrzebowska

Iza Jastrzebowska MA, JD is an accomplished ICF accredited Jungian coach. With a unique background in psychology and law, she offers tailored solutions to individuals, groups, and organizations. The Jungian coaching method is derived from Carl Jung's psychotherapeutic knowledge and deep connection to the right brain's intuitive and symbolic thinking. It combines these elements with art-and-creativity-enhancing tools to provide a powerful approach to coaching.

Kasia Roether, Equus and Life Coaching LLC


Presented by our member:

Kasia Roether

Kasia Roether is a personal development coach who specializes in helping women who are facing challenges in living an authentic life. She provides personalized introspection to her clients, which helps them to reconnect with their true selves and regain clarity for their life goals and desires. Kasia is a compassionate and empathetic coach who actively listens to her clients and aids them in crafting and applying essential tools and practices for a purposeful and fulfilling life.


Klara Maj Design


Presented by our member:

Klara Maj

Klara Maj Design creates eco-friendly gardens with drought-resistant plants that are beautiful, sustainable, and low-maintenance. They also assist clients in applying for discounts offered by the Santa Clara Valley Water District, saving up to $4/sq ft. With their expertise, Klara Maj Design can transform any outdoor area into a thriving and sustainable garden.

Kobido by Monika

Beauty & Wellness

Presented by our member:

Monika Oledzka

Monika Oledzka is a certified manual therapist specializing in Kobido facial massage and kinesiotaping. Kobido massage is a Japanese beauty secret that has been helping women maintain youthful looks and healthy skin glow for centuries. The gentle and precise movements of this traditional massage stimulate blood circulation, improving tissue oxygenation and removing toxins, which contributes to enhancing skin tone and reducing the visibility of wrinkles.

Magical Graphics

Graphic Design

Presented by our member:

Marlena Guderska

Marlena is a multi-skilled graphic designer and website developer. She creates branding, illustrations, marketing materials as well as websites. Experienced in an advertising agency, Marlena makes her clients' dreams of starting their businesses come true. She will joyfully guide you through the process of creating your brand, help you choose the right tools, and advise you with communication strategies. In flexible synergy, she will express your ideas most powerfully and profitably!



Mary Kay

Beauty & Wellness

Presented by our member:

Ania Rybinski

Discover a personalized beauty experience just for you. As your dedicated beauty consultant, I empower you to shape your ideal beauty journey. Whether you desire a one-on-one consultation, a party with friends, a virtual gathering, expert makeup tips, skincare advice, I am here for you. Enjoy the flexibility to try before you buy with free samples. Whether you opt for the convenience of online shopping, prefer to order through email or phone, the choice is yours. I'm enthusiastic about assisting you with all your beauty needs. Let's talk!


Paula Sieron-Shanley - Real Estate Agent

Real Estate

Presented by our member:

Paula Sieron

Paula Sieron-Shanley is a Professional Real Estate Agent with many years of experience. As an expert in her field, Paula can assist you in buying, selling, or investing in properties, including out-of-state relocations. Paula operates exclusively by referral and provides her clients with exceptional care and attention, ensuring that their needs are met with the highest level of expertise and personalized service.

Rudi Balloons

Party Supplies

Presented by our member:

Gosia Kaminska

Gosia Kaminska specializes in creating memorable balloon decorations for all kinds of events, including birthdays, baby showers, gender reveals, engagements and photo shoots. Her goal is to help people create unforgettable memories with custom balloon designs that are creative, fun, and unique. Her designs are tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of each client, ensuring that every detail is thoughtfully considered and executed with precision.

STEP UP Organizing

Home & Office Organizing

Presented by our member:

Izabela Stepniewski

Step Up Organizing, led by Izabela, specializes in personalized organizing solutions that declutter physical spaces and bring peace and order. We transform homes and offices, focusing on creating long-lasting organizational systems. Our customized approach ensures each space is perfectly arranged for continued order and functionality. Discover more on our website and book a free consultation to start your journey to an organized life.


Souly Guided


Presented by our member:

Monica Franaszek

Monica Franaszek is a Certified Life & Dharma Coach, trauma-informed healing facilitator focusing on somatic re-connection and embodiment, sexual wellness & safety advocate, and public speaker. Her work involves educating others on transmuting emotional pain & trauma into sovereignty through a lens of sexuality and empowerment. She supports people who are navigating through personal development and seeking to overcome personal obstacles related to female empowerment & mind-body-soul connection.



Business Consulting

Presented by our member:

Agnieszka Barycza

SprintPMC streamlines your business operations and unlocks your data. We facilitate informed, data-driven decision-making, all while comprehensively supporting your overarching business needs. We focus on end-to-end project management excellence, data wrangling, and data dashboards and reports

mo jo gruszka

Business Consulting

Presented by our member:

Jo Gruszka

Jo Gruszka is a marketing operations expert dedicated to maximizing efficiency through strategic partnerships and the alignment of cross-functional teams. Guided by the clarity of data and analytics, she fosters collaboration with decision-makers, transforming operations into a harmonious interplay of individuals, processes, and technologies. Focused on the art of streamlining processes and logistics, Jo empowers organizations to enhance productivity and propel business growth.


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