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Job Aid Program

The newest Polish Professional Women of Silicon Valley Program - Job Aid is for all members who are looking for new career opportunities.

We want to support people who find it challenging to look for a job after coming to the US, longer break, parental leave, preparing to make a shift in their career path, or simply need a boost in their preparation for changing their current job.

Participants will have the possibility to:

  • work with a mentor

  • access the Knowledge Base, which contains practical and up-to-date information about effective methods for finding a career

  • attend training and workshops

  • collaborate with other PPWSV members to maximize the chance to reach their professional goal 

  • cooperate with external partners

Each participant's journey will be customized to their needs and can take up to 3 months. 

Job Aid Program is free and only available to registered members of Polish Professional Women of Silicon Valley.

Read the Job Aid Program's Terms and Conditions here

Check out the Job Aid Resources (only for current participants):

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