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Job Aid Program - Terms and Conditions

Organizer: PPWSV (Polish Professional Women of Silicon Valley)


Effective dates of the document: starting 03/01/2022 until further notice



Definitions of terms used in the Terms and Conditions:

Program – whenever the Terms and Conditions mention Program, what is meant is the Job Aid Program

Coordinator – a person responsible for leading the Job Aid Program on the part of PPWSV

Mentor – a person assigned by PPWSV to supervise the participant of the Job Aid Program

Participant – person participating in the Job Aid Program

Knowledge Base – dedicated website with informational and educational content, to which only participants in the Program have access

PPWSV (Organizer) – NGO (non-governmental organization) Polish Professional Women of Silicon Valley


Basic information

  1. The goal of the Program is to help and support in the process of a job search or career change.

  2. Only members of PPWSV can be participants in the Program. This refers to people who have filled out the form ‘Join Us’ on the website, and thereafter have been accepted into the organization.

  3. Participation in the Program is voluntary and free.

  4. The duration of the Program is 3 months. There is a possibility to extend the Program with the consent of the Coordinator and the Participant’s Mentor.

  5. All activities undertaken as part of the Program have solely an advisory character and their usage is a subjective and exclusive decision by the Participant. The Organizer does not assume responsibility for any consequences of actions suggested by the Mentor.


Joining the Program

  1. People interested in participating in the Program fill out the application form available on the website .

  2. The Program Coordinator contacts the applicant no later than within 15 business days from receiving the filled-out form.

  3. Acceptance of the Participant into the Program will be based on an interview as well as on an analysis of the job profile and submitted requests.

  4. The applicant will be informed of the decision via email no later than 5 business days after the initial interview. 

  5. The person joining the Program is additionally required to confirm that they have familiarized themselves with these Terms and Conditions.

  6. The person joining the Program is required to have a valid permit to work in the USA.


Pillars of the Program

  1. The participant of the program has the possibility to work together with a Mentor. The Mentor is assigned based on the Participant’s professional profile and submitted requests. The Participant and the Mentor will agree upon the detailed rules and frequency of interactions.

  2. During the Program, the Participant has access to the Knowledge Base, which contains practical information and other materials about the recruitment process. The participant is not authorized to share these materials with others or to give access to them to third parties.

  3. During the Program, the Participant has the possibility to attend training and workshops. The training and workshops may be recorded and added to the Knowledge Base.

  4. In the case of a mentoring session, training, or workshop being recorded, pursuant to these Terms and Conditions, the Participant gives PPWSV the right to use their image in marketing materials, social media, and on the PPWSV website. Possible usage of the Participant’s image will be solely for promotional activities of PPWSV.



  1. Within the framework of the Program, the Organizer does not mediate in the job search or in any other actions aimed at obtaining a work permit, visa, or any other documents required to legalize the Participant’s stay in the USA.

  2. Within the framework of the Program, the Organizer does not offer legal advice. 

  3. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse participation in the Program in cases where its knowledge and experience are insufficient. This may include industries and sectors where the Organizer does not have adequate knowledge.

  4. PPWSV does not guarantee, nor does it take responsibility for the Participant to find a job.

  5. PPWSV reserves the right to terminate the participation in the Program before the end of the 3-month period.


Final provisions

  1. At the end of the Program, the Organizer will ask the Participant to fill out an evaluation survey.

  2. Please submit all questions, comments, and suggestions to the Program Coordinator at

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