Get involved

Are you wondering how can you get involved? There are a few options:

Take on a new role!

Each year our organization grows on multiple levels, we gain more members, we organize more events, we create new programs and more. As our mission is focused on  growth and career development we want to give opportunities to our members to join our core team. 

Please see our Career/Volunteer page, if you would like to explore any of the open positions and join our team please reach out and contact us.

Volunteer for us - every hour counts!

If taking on a role is a non-affordable time commitment, we totally understand! We’re all very busy. That is also why we value every hour! If you can offer a specific amount of time to support PPWSV with our marketing activities, event organization, project management or any other activities which excite you. 

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Get involved in Ignite project

Spark joy, passion and kindness. By your attendance and contribution you will change future of many young girls.


Examples of two of our speakers: Magda i Marta (Linki do nagrania)

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Be our Guest speaker > List of our past guest speakers


Either you follow our organization or not, but if you would like to share your professional experience and knowledge, simply give back to the community with like-minded women. One of the opportunities is to connect through guest speaker events and sessions with our members. 

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Share your suggestions and thoughts


If you have ideas who can be our next guest speaker or what kind of topics interests you, please contact us at 

Let’s connect on Social Media 


You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. We are constantly posting about PPWSV programs, events and openings. Join our social media community for exchanging inspirations, knowledge and experience and build a network of like minded professionals. Tap follow and drop a comment! 

Amazon Smile 


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zostań ambasadorem 

krótki tekst + może też link do podstrony dedykowanej do tego z przykładami jak można udostępniać/pisać na blogu/w gazecie/w PL/US...

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zostań mentorem

może warto to zawsze mieć tutaj? można przekierować do Job Aid albo dać bezpośrednio maila

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donations of firm

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