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Celebrating 4th anniversary!

Thank you for being with us!

Polish Professional Women Silicon Valley has been empowering women for over four years! Thank you for your continued support and for helping build our community.

This past year has been special for us, as we officially became a non-profit organization! With that milestone under our belt, we are able to significantly expand the ways in which we serve our community!

With each coming year, we are looking for new ways to grow and implement our vision of being a hub for Polish female professionals in Silicon Valley. That's why we made Engagement the theme for this year!

We invite you to take a moment to review our annual e-book. Inside are 15 events (a new record!), including inspiring members of a youth STEAM organization in Poland, coach-led workshops focused on professional and personal transformation, participation in Polish government-sponsored events, and casual events helping our members connect.

If you appreciate our work and find it valuable, you can help us develop our organization.


We are thrilled to connect! That's why we warmly welcome you to join us or to send us a message.

Check out our presentation here or download .PDF file.

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