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Celebrating Our 5th Anniversary at PPWSV

Thank you for your continued support as we celebrate five years of empowering Polish professional women in Silicon Valley.

Our annual e-book showcases the diverse programs and events we held in 2023, highlighting the success stories that have emerged from our work. These narratives not only reflect our commitment but also the profound impact on the lives of our members.

Looking forward, we adopt the theme "Invest in You" for 2024. Amid the demands of daily life, we encourage you to focus on personal growth and well-being, enriching your career and relationships along the way.

Discover more about our past achievements and plans in our annual e-book. Let's continue to grow and invest in our most valuable asset—ourselves.

Support our mission with a donation today and help us empower more women in the coming year.

Biuletyn Agnieszka K..png
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