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Career advancement and remote work, is it possible? 
Presented by Mag Boron, June 27th, 2020
Organized by Polish Professional Women Silicon Valley

On June 27th, 2020 Polish Professional Women Silicon Valley hosted an impactful online class "Career advancement and remote work, is it possible?" The class was led by Mag Boron, the founder and CEO of Pangian is the fastest-growing remote-work community around the world with members in 121 countries and 6 continents. The class promised to discuss how to take charge of your career journey and get ahead, all while working remotely. However, it did a lot more than just that. The participants got to hear Mag Boron’s inspiring personal story and received insightful tips on getting a raise or promotion and achieving overall career advancement. In their own words, they left the class feeling “empowered and motivated”. 

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Boron kicked off the class by sharing how she achieved her success. Her impressive career started with an aspiration she had in childhood. Growing up in a small town in Poland her dream was to travel the world. She was told many times that it was unattainable. Boron chose to overlook the impossible and focus on how to get to her ultimate goal, one step at a time. Knowing that English is the universal language of the world Boron immigrated to the United States to study it. Her career journey began shortly after her first job out of college at Honeywell Aerospace. She was a Project Leader and managed a few relatively small projects. But in no time Boron moved up to leading her first big $50M global project. Her outstanding performance on that project opened up many new opportunities. From there Boron went on to lead multiple multi-million programs at Honeywell Aerospace and manage teams on four continents, all while working remotely. Boron attributed her career advancement to a simple formula: ask for more responsibility, deliver, advance, figure out your next step, repeat.

After seven years of working for Honeywell Aerospace Boron moved on to Wells Fargo where she also quickly rose through the ranks before ultimately creating her own startup Pangian. Pangian is the world’s fastest-growing remote network connecting professionals with remote work opportunities. The platform has over 100,000 professionals, over 150,000 job postings, and over 2M visitors annually. Boron got featured in Business Insider, HuffPost, and Forbes Magazine to name a few. 


In addition to sharing her personal experiences, Boron also talked about the benefits of remote work and gave advice on how to build relationships and trust with coworkers while working from home. She gave invaluable tips on how to ask for a raise, get assigned to large projects without large project experience, and keep managers accountable to promises of advancement. She even had some suggestions about interviewing.



The class concluded with a Q&A panel. There were many great questions for Boron. When asked about how she built her career so quickly in just a little over 10 years Boron explained that it’s not the years of experience that count but rather the experience within the years. What matters is active learning, developing your skills, and the motivation to move ahead. Boron shared that one thing she has learned through her experiences is that you cannot predict what will come your way: “Sometimes you cannot even envision what’s ahead of you. But how you get to that step is by not stopping ever, is by constantly looking at the next opportunity in front of you and tackling it and doing it the best way possible. And when you do that all of a sudden people and opportunities are going to show up on your way”.



Mag Boron’s propelling story is one of going after your dreams and crushing your fears. Not stopping at anything. All while taking it one step at a time. It inspired the class participants who afterward said that they were full of motivation and excited for their next steps.

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